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Issue Number: Council III 025


Specialized Processing Methods

Issue you would like the Conference to consider

Removing section 3-502.11 (variance requirements) from the Retail / Restaurant License. The special processing methods should require a Food Processor License.

Public Health Significance

The special processing methods require additional initial training as well as continual training for the inspector to maintain the technical proficiency required for these facilities. Many jurisdictions have only a few facilities requiring a variance (1-2 per inspector). The inspector may miss critical violations and spend extra time reviewing the requirements.

Recommended Solution: The Conference recommends...

that a Committee be established to investigate and recommend specific requirements for specialized processing methods such as brewing beer, wine production, smoking and curing, acidifying foods, and sprouts, and removing these processes from variance requirements as stated in Food Code Section 3-502.11.

Submitter Information

Name Russell Mech
Organization Marathon County Health Department
Address Lakeview Professional Plaza, Room 200
Wausau., WI 54403
Telephone 715 261 1920
Fax 715 261 1901
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