Conference Issues for the Council that you selected are listed below.

# Issue Submitter
001 Report - TCS Implementation Committee Adam Johnson, Chair
002 Report - Plan Review Committee Liza Frias, Chair
003 Addition to Section 8-4 Inspection and Correction of Violations Sarah A. Klein
004 Inclusion of Inspection Result Posting in the Model Food Code Sarah A. Klein
005 Consumer Advisory for pinned/injected/tenderized meats: Food Code 3-603.11 Tressa Madden, Director, Consumer Protection Division
006 Grocery Seafood Advisory for Women of Childbearing Age and Children Paul Achitoff
007 Addition to Section 3-603.11 of the Model Food Code, Consumer Advisory. Sarah A Klein
008 Wild Harvested Mushrooms Lisa Brown
009 New Recall Notification Section of the Model Food Code, Section 3-603.12. Sarah A. Klein
010 USFDA Recall Policy Revision Greg Pallaske
011 Signage Requirement on Reporting of Employee Health Conditions Janet Lane, R.S., M.P.H.
012 Employee Written Agreement for Employee Health Reporting Janet Lane, R.S., M.P.H.
013 Jewelry Prohibition Maryam Hosseini
014 Report - Criticality Implementation and Education Committee Rick Barney, Co-Chair
015 Criticality Implementation&Education Committee- Criticality Training Slides Rick Barney, Co-Chair
016 Criticality Implementation&Education Committee - Frequently Asked Questions Rick Barney, Co-Chair
017 Criticality Implementation&Education Comm. -Timely Correction of Violations Rick Barney, Co-Chair
018 Effective Risk Communication for Process HACCP Thomas Johnson
019 4-501.114-Manual and Mechanical Warewashing Equipment Chemical Sanitation Larry Kohl
020 American National Standards for Food Equipment - Clarification of Food Code Robert W. Powitz, PhD
021 3-304.14 Wiping Cloths, Use Limitation Larry Kohl
022 Key Drop Dan Roehl
023 Proper Identification of Seafood Species Lisa M Weddig
024 Management Responsibility Code Section 2-101.11 Teresa Bullock, Food Protection Program Director
025 Addition to S. 2-103.11 of the Model Food Code, Duties: Person in Charge Sarah A Klein
026 Mandatory Food Protection Manager Certification for Persons in Charge Glenda R. Lewis

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