Council Members: 2023 Biennial Meeting

Council Members and Alternates selected to serve for the 2023 Biennial Meeting have been notified. Council rosters will be made available in April 2023.


The duties of the three Councils are summarized as follows:

  • Council I - Laws and Regulations deliberates Issues pertaining to laws, regulations and model codes governing the safety of food.
  • Council II - Administration, Education and Certification deliberates Issues relating to the Constitution and Bylaws, Conference procedures, memoranda of understanding, program evaluation, education, training and certification.
  • Council III - Science and Technology deliberates Issues pertaining to food science and technology related to food safety.

Each council is formed according to Articles XII-XIII of the current CFP Constitution and Bylaws. Criteria are based on regulatory/industry balance, geographic diversity, balanced representation among CFP constituencies, and previous experience in CFP. For more information refer to the current CFP Constitution and Bylaws at:

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If you have any questions or if you need additional information, feel free to contact Dr. David McSwane at